Reviewing 2022: A fruitful year On-us

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Reviewing 2022: A fruitful year On-us

2022 was a year of change, challenges and collaborations. It marked the 3rd anniversary of Mojodomo Group and the birth of On-us.

We shared a lot of joyful moments together celebrating various milestones—our new office at HKSTP, anniversary celebration, new product launches, and many more.

We rolled out new products introducing our bank-grade fintech solution to more audiences, including enterprises, people management teams, event organizers, as well as NGOs.

We found a way to use our solution for good, to fulfil our social responsibility and introduce ESG elements into our incentives ecosystem.

We created On-us—a unique, bold and consumer-minded brand  thanks to our team’s collective effort.

We got our first ever HKICT Fintech Award in the emerging solutions stream, a recognition of the hard work and success our team had achieved through out the year.

This year had been a handful but rewarding. A toast to 2022 and we hope to create more of these joyful, shared moments together in 2023.

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