We maximise the flow of value from brands to consumers to merchants

Loyalty is an emotional concept. Vouchers are transactional in nature. On-us is created to join these forces together.
What's in the name?

On-us is a new, consumer-minded B2B brand

Surprise birthday treats. A ride to work. Happy hour drinks. Sometimes it's a special occasion, usually it's a quick coffee and a laugh. These are the continuous, often simple and unexpected gestures that create value
in relationships over time. On-us is designed to make voucher transactions feel like a treat between friends. We aim to transform reward experiences with a few little words, "For you, On-us."

Loyalty starts with the last mile

Countless martech tools facilitate campaign management and voucher distribution. On-us is different because we go the last mile. We push each voucher to its full, relationship-building potential by removing all friction around that crucial moment of redemption.

For consumers and merchants, On-us works like any other payment method. Our vouchers offer choice and are convenient to use. They hold and transfer real, monetary value. They consistently and continuously bring joy and ease to the rewards experience to keep audiences coming back for more.


We believe mixing disciplines unleashes innovation

Omni-tech is the reason why On-us is capable of forging these new pathways for value creation and delivery. We are fintech and martech. We are paytech, adtech, and more. We are omni-tech.
WHAT inspired on-us?

Pioneers of
performance-based incentive marketing

Marketing problem:

On-us was founded in 2018 when fintech veterans Dennis Shi, Patrick Lee, and Honnus Cheung understood brands were investing mass amounts of resources into pre-paid incentives, only to find that a vast majority of vouchers ended up in the trash. Unredeemed vouchers decimated campaign ROIs, and worse, failed to deliver value to their consumers.

They understood why – because available voucher technology failed to transfer financial value at the crucial moment of redemption. The goal was loyalty. The result was waste.

Omni-tech solution:

On-us is the pioneer of a performance-based voucher technology – born out of the idea that a marketing problem could be solved with a fintech solution. The launch of On-us represents a new consumer-minded era for the company. We will continue to seek new problems to solve with our omni-tech solutions.
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