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For small companies

On-us Express

All-in-one simple voucher solution for small businesses

What’s included
  • Personalized greeting cards and messages
  • Multi-brand vouchers
  • Mobile devices supported
  • Hassle-free one-stop voucher distribution
  • Access to real-time voucher delivery status
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On-us Express
On-us Pro
Lead time
5 minutes*
Access to voucher delivery status
Multi-brand voucher redemption
Payment upon redemption
Access to real time behavioural insights
API integration
Merchant choices
Limited merchant options
Personalized merchant options
Face value
HKD 25, 50, 100, 300, 500
Customized value from HKD 38 to 8000, tailored for anniversary or festive celebration
Gift card design
Free editable template designs
Personalized designs to fit your branding
Minimum spend
HKD 5,000
Not applicable
*Lead time may vary depending on voucher quantity


Who should choose On-us Express and On-us Pro?

  • On-us Express is ideal for small businesses seeking a simple and affordable voucher solution for small campaigns and occasional needs.
  • On-us Pro is tailored for enterprises looking for advanced voucher solutions and support for large campaigns.

      Take a look at the 2 cases below:

Company A
Company B
Company Size
>50 employees
200+ employees
Reward staff for mid-autumn festival but don’t have the time and resources to handle ​
Looking for own-branded vouchers for distribution within internal system ​​
Voucher quantity
Best Plan
On-us Express
On-us Pro

Why is mobile view only available for On-us Express?

On-us Express focuses on streamlined, hassle-free and convenient usage, catering to small campaigns. Mobile optimization ensures a smooth purchasing experience at anywhere, at anytime.

Why are there limited sales support for On-us Express?

On-us Express is designed for small businesses with simpler needs, offering a self-service platform for campaign management. However, our sales support team is available to provide guidance and support if needed.  

Is there a lead time difference between On-us Express and On-us Pro?

Yes, On-us Express offers a shorter lead time, enabling quick setup and execution of campaigns. On-us Pro, with its more comprehensive features, may require additional lead time for campaign planning and coordination.

Can On-us Pro integrate with APIs?

Yes, On-us Pro supports API integration, allowing seamless connectivity with your existing systems and enabling advanced functionality for your campaigns; supporting instant, automated voucher delivery.

Does the On-us Express provide real-time behavioral insights?

On-us Express focuses on simplicity and affordability, offering access to real-time voucher delivery status. However, detailed behavioral insights are exclusive to On-us Pro, providing advanced data for campaign optimization.

What does "multi-brand" mean?

With the multi-brand feature, you can select multiple merchants for a single voucher. This allows recipients to choose the gift brand they prefer, adding flexibility and personalization to the voucher experience.

Can the On-us Express handle large quantities of vouchers?

On-us Express is best suited for small to medium-sized campaigns with a budget of HKD 5,000 to HKD 50,000. If you have a larger campaign budget, On-us Pro is recommended. If you're still not sure which is the best solution for you, feel free to book a demo.

Can On-us Pro be customized for specific voucher designs?

Absolutely! On-us Pro offers customizable campaign settings, including voucher design customization, allowing you to align the visuals with your brand identity and messaging.