Vouchers with unstoppable value

We push every voucher to its full potential by delivering the reward choices and redemption options audiences want.

Performance-based incentives
Instant & automated settlement

Incentives ecosystem building lifetime value

What happens when you combine multi-brand vouchers with trusted payment technology? On-us delivers reward experiences that keep audiences coming back.

Seamless redemption

Dynamic QR codes are easy to distribute, scan, and redeem.

Bank-grade transactions

Total security with instant settlement from marketer to merchant.

Personalized rewards

Consumers choose from a curated assortment of offers.

Special moments

Redemption experiences that feel like a treat between friends.
PERFORMANCe-based Technology

Rethink what you know about digital rewards

Consumers choose their own adventure. Merchants get paid instantly. Marketers capture rich, real-time data. On-us ends the broken system of pre-paid vouchers once and for all.

One solution fits all


Bring joy and ease to loyalty marketing

On-us eliminates barriers to redemption so marketers can focus on delivering value and deepening consumer relationships.
Co-branded voucher designs: Customize distribution channels, in-voucher communications, and voucher layouts.
Real-time insights: Last-mile data for each transaction gives a complete snapshot of consumer behavior.
End-to-end campaign control: Optimize, manage, query, and generate reports in real-time.
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Build a culture of recognition

Keep your teams motivated at work and connected to your core values with employee incentives.
Give the gift of flexibility: Cherry-pick relevant offers from our merchant network and let your employees choose.
Track redemptions and engagement: Keep tabs on your spend and measure results with real-time redemption data.

Impact and reach those who need it most

Donations converted to On-us vouchers provide donors 100% assurance that donations are matched to the beneficiaries' specific needs.
Digital vouchers replace cash: Ensure donated funds are spent as intended, safely and efficiently.
Prioritize basic good merchants: Donors can pre-select merchant categories.
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TenanT engagement

Support tenants with one payment method

Create a universal "currency" for driving efficient multi-tenant promotions.
Activate pedestrian traffic: Collect data, conduct surveys, and run VIP lead-generation campaigns.
Drive business from within: Engage property-wide staff with property-wide incentives.
Scale up with ease: Manage seasonal events and scale quickly to support temporary merchants.
Business development

Incentive marketing for small businesses

On-us also offers incentive business models to suit occasional or seasonal needs. Where pay-per-redemption may not make sense, we also offer discounted multi-brand vouchers.
Recipients choose: Let audiences choose the merchant reward that fits their habits and lifestyle.
Co-branded voucher designs: Just like enterprise marketers, your voucher is co-branded and customized for your needs
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Merchant network

Vouchers with the power of choice

Cherry-pick an assortment from our merchant network, then let your recipients do the rest.

Get the incentives that keep audiences coming back.

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