omni-tech solution

Incentives Ecosystem

We built a business model where each stakeholders' success (including our own) is triggered by redemption. Everyone wins when everything connects.


A performance-based incentives platform building lifetime value.


A friction-free payment method that feels like a treat between friends.


Capturing new customers with accurate and automated settlement.
incentives ecosystem

Enabling the flow of value

On-us is more than a digital voucher platform. Our incentives ecosystem is designed to facilitate seamless, trusted, and social flows of value.
on-us innovation

What is "omni-tech"?

We've never fit into a single category box, so we created a new one.
Automated infrastructure for B2B payments between marketers and merchants.
Voucher redemption that resembles all other mobile payment methods.
Flexible APIs for omni-channel distribution with rich data returned in real-time.
A new communications channel with hyper-personalized messaging within each voucher.
Last-Mile Data

Comprehensive behavioral insights in real-time

On-us provides a real-time data lake of consumer behavior for each redemption transaction. Clients receive the complete activity profile they need to create more meaningful interactions again and again.

Get the incentives that keep audiences coming back.

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