On-us Express Revolutionizes Voucher Management for SMEs

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On-us Launches On-us Express: The One-Stop Digital VoucherPlatform for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest innovation, On-us Express. As a game-changer in the voucher management feild, On-us Express is designed to simplify the voucher creation and management process for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), thereby enhancing their ability to connect with customers and build loyalty.

Drawing from our extensive experience in the banking and insurance sectors where we have driven successful marketing campaigns, we understand the unique challenges SMEs face. These include resource constraints, limited bargaining power due to smaller voucher volumes, and a restricted range of voucher choices. On-us Express is our solution to these issues, offering SMEs an effortless way to optimize their voucher management.

On-us Express is a groundbreaking response to the cumbersome traditional voucher management processes. Our platform allows SMEs to create customized vouchers swiftly and with ease, eliminating the need for complex logistical processes.

Dennis Shi, our Founder & CEO, shares his excitement:

"We are thrilled to launch On-us Express, an accessible version of the corporate voucher management solution we have been providing to the BFSI industry. Our platform is engineered to make voucher management seamless and efficient for SMEs, allowing them to focus on their prime objective - building strong relationships with their customers."

Our platform is not only user-friendly but also offers comprehensive features. Businesses can create customized vouchers quickly and easily, choosing from a variety of templates, personalizing greeting card designs and messages, and setting voucher values, redemption periods, and quantities.

One distinct advantage of On-us Express is its customizable voucher settings. Businesses can personalize their greeting card designs and messages, aligning them with their brand identity to engage customers on a deeper level. They can also customize voucher values, redemption periods, merchant combinations, and quantities.

Dennis further explained our offerings:

"At On-us, we offer customized vouchers for special occasions like anniversaries, events, customer appreciation, festivals, etc. We've run campaigns with HKD90 vouchers for 90th anniversaries, HKD88 vouchers for Chinese New Year, and more. These vouchers contribute to creating memorable experiences and fostering strong customer relationships. They are a thoughtful way to show appreciation, and our clients have seen positive results from their use."

On-us Express puts user experience first, ensuring a smooth journey for customers from receiving to redeeming their vouchers. With our multi-branded vouchers, customers can choose the brand they prefer. The redemption process is hassle-free, requiring just a few taps on their phones.

Efficient, customizable, and user-centric, On-us Express is the all-in-one solution for businesses seeking to simplify their voucher management. Experience the simpler, more efficient way to manage your vouchers with On-us Express today.

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