On-us Publishes Workplace Mental Wellness Playbook

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On-us Releases 'Our Minds, Our Rights: Leveling up Workplace Mental Wellness in Asia' Playbook, Empowering People and HR Leaders with Actionable Strategies


We are thrilled to release our latest publication, 'Our Minds, Our Rights: Leveling up Workplace Mental Wellness in Asia,' a comprehensive playbook designed to empower people managers and HR leaders in enhancing mental wellness. Through extensive research and surveys of 1000 employees and 400 HR professionals, we've uncovered crucial insights that shed light on the state of mental wellness in Asian workplaces.

Here are the key findings:

1. Poor Mental State and Silent Struggle with Stigma
πŸ” 15% of employees reported a poor mental state, revealing a significant issue in workforce well-being.
πŸ” 38% of individuals expressed reluctance in working with those facing mental health problems, indicating persistent challenges with stigma.

2. Undervaluation of Mental Health
πŸ” One in five employees felt their company undervalued mental health, highlighting a substantial gap in recognizing and addressing mental health concerns within organizations.

3. Impact of Hybrid Work Mode
πŸ” Hybrid work mode positively impacted mental well-being compared to fully in-office or fully remote setups, emphasizing the potential benefits of flexible work arrangements.

4. HR Support Challenges
πŸ” 45% of HR professionals lack workplace mental health support, underscoring the need for organizations to strengthen employee mental wellness systems.
πŸ” 50% of HR professionals report limited mental health resources, while 45% struggle to track mental health issues among employees, indicating barriers to creating a supportive and stigma-free environment.


These findings highlight the urgency to prioritize mental well-being and the importance of elevating workplace mental wellness. We believe that fostering a healthier and more successful workplace starts with addressing mental health concerns. To access proven strategies and practical insights for enhancing workplace mental wellness, download our playbook here.


At On-us, we are committed to making a difference and creating a supportive work environment. Join us in our mission to promote mental wellness and empower organizations to prioritize the well-being of their employees.


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