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Hong Kong fintech startup On-us launches new brand to build a seamless, customized and scalable incentives ecosystem

On-us Group Holdings Limited, previously Mojodomo Holdings Limited ("On-us" or the "Company"), Asia's first performance-based voucher solution provider, today announced the launch of "On-us", a new brand aiming to provide customers with a trusted, seamless, personal and social brand experience through incentives solutions that integrate financial, payment and marketing technologies.

On-us provides customers with a trusted, seamless, personal and social brand experience

Since its inception in 2018, On-us has captured significant market share in the incentives industry and established business partnerships with around 50 major enterprises. On top of that, the Company has collaborated with organizations such as Hong Kong Cyberport and the Hong Kong Institute of Human ResourceManagement, supporting various exhibitions and conferences as their digital voucher solution partner to deliver value for participants and drive deeper engagement. Leveraging the launch of On-us, the company plans to extend its solution beyond banks and insurers to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs),providing them with a robust voucher solution via its SAAS (Software As A Service) platform.


Through its own zero-waste incentives ecosystem, the Company has also integrated ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) values into its business and marketing solutions. As On-us continues to deepen its implementation of ESG principles, it will further embed these elements into its development strategy to push forward the sustainable development of its business and the industry.To this end, the Company has established partnerships with ESG merchants such as Green Common, Eco-Grey, Redress and the HKFYG Organic Farm, and will introduce more ESG-focused local and overseas merchants in the future.


The new brand "On-us"is derived from the English idiom "it's on us", indicating when someone else will pay on an individual's behalf, reinforcing that this brand experience is intended to make consumers feel rewarded with a special treat. It highlights On-us's aspiration to help companies improve marketing efficiency and more effectively use valuable marketing spend while offering their clients the rewards they truly need and appreciate, thereby creating meaningful social value. This vision reflects On-us’s overarching commitment to becoming a consumer-mindedB2B brand.


As a fintech startup, On-us enables virtual card payments for instant voucher redemption and settlement between businesses and merchants through its omni-tech platform, which can also monitor the redemption of vouchers and collect consumer behavior data in real time. This performance-based and pay-as-you-go voucher solution not only reduces the administrative costs and resource waste of traditional incentive reward programs, but also boosts return on investment (ROI). Additionally, it enables marketers and merchants to better understand customer habits and enhance brand experiences and interactions. Going forward, On-us will operate this platform under the name "On-us", supporting its own brand at the group level and using it as a base on which to build a trusted, seamless, personal and social incentives ecosystem that creates lifetime value for partner brands, merchants and consumers.


The new 'On-us' brand will help showcase the company's core values and enrich our corporate identity. Inline with our mission to create greater value for brands, merchants, and consumers, On-us and the company as a whole share a vision of generating and delivering impact while driving industry innovation through cross-disciplinary marketing solutions.

Dennis Shi, Co-Founder and CEO of On-us Group Holdings Limited shared. 


To date, the HongKong-based company has opened offices in Taiwan and Singapore, where Keith Lim was appointed as its SEA General Manager in June 2022. Lim is responsible for building and leading On-us's Singapore team to accelerate the expansion of its local business. As a seasoned and successful startup entrepreneur with deep expertise in the fintech industry, Lim has previously created mobile payment, artificial intelligence and blockchain platforms for major insurers and banks. To build up its business in the region, especially in the SEA market, On-us is also targeting to raise another round of funding next year. This follows the completion of itsSeries A funding in 2021, with the proceeds used to support product development.


About On-us Group Holdings Limited (previously Mojodomo Holdings Limited)

On-us Group Holdings Limited (On-us Group) is a Hong Kong-based fintech startup and the inventor of performance-based incentive marketing. Founded in 2018, On-us cracked the code to unredeemed voucher waste by mixing fintech, martech, and paytech disciplines.In 2022, the company restructured and launched the On-us brand to represent anew, consumer-minded era for On-us Group. Backed by Hong Kong Cyberport and Hong Kong Science Park, On-us Group has offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. For more information, please visit


About On-us

On-us is a new, consumer-minded B2B digital voucher solution provider. Equipped with application programming interfaces (APIs) for omni-channel distribution, On-us is an incentives ecosystem focused on delivering value and deepening customer relationships through customized messages and analysis of consumer behavioral data. Clients include marketers of global financial services providers, people management teams, blue chip property developers, non-profit organizations, and SMEs. For more information, please visit

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