Introducing On-us' Carbon Offsetting Voucher Solution and Certification

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Introducing On-us' Carbon Offsetting Voucher Solution and Certification: Driving Sustainable Development Across Industries

Introducing Our Carbon Offsetting Voucher Solution

On-us is thrilled to announce the launch of our Carbon Offsetting Voucher Solution and carbon reduction certification, marking a significant step towards sustainable development across industries. As Asia's first performance-based B2B digital voucher solution provider, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way businesses track their carbon emissions and embrace eco-friendly practices.

Carbon Reduction Achievements by On-us Digital Vouchers

Exciting findings from our analysis reveal that between 2020 and 2022, On-us' digital vouchers reduced CO2 emissions by a remarkable 13,468 kg. To put this into perspective, it is equivalent to the carbon dioxide sequestered by 345 tree seedlings grown over a decade. Notably, the digital vouchers issued in partnership with banks, insurance companies, and other industries contributed to reductions of 5,291 kg, 3,443 kg, and 4,734 kg, respectively.

Elevating Brand Experiences Through Digital Vouchers

As a fintech startup, On-us empowers businesses through our omni-tech platform, enabling instant voucher redemption and settlement with merchants via virtual card payments. Our multi-brand vouchers provide consumers with a wide range of pre-selected merchants to choose from, enhancing brand experiences and interactions. Moreover, our platform captures real-time data on voucher redemption and consumer behavior, empowering marketers and merchants with valuable insights for improved ROI, reduced administrative costs, and minimized resource waste.

On-us' Commitment to Environmental Values

Honnus Cheung, our Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Through our digital voucher solution, On-us has seamlessly integrated ESG values into our business and marketing strategies. The launch of our Carbon Offsetting Voucher Solution and carbon reduction certification showcases our long-standing commitment to achieving zero waste. Going forward, we plan to leverage this innovative Solution to recognize partner companies' efforts in reducing carbon emissions, heighten their environmental consciousness, and further drive sustainable development across industries."

Inspiring Collaboration in Creating Social Values

To celebrate the launch of our Solution, On-us recently organized a dynamic "Post-Pandemic SME Green Business Practices Seminar." This engaging event featured industry experts, including King Leung, Head of Fintech at InvestHK; Francis Ngai, Founder and CEO of Social Ventures Hong Kong; John Wong, Managing Director, Head of Global Payments Solutions at Hang Seng Bank; and Ophelia Lin, Vice-Chairperson of Friends of the Earth (HK) and Founding President of SME Sustainability Society. During the seminar, these thought leaders shared invaluable insights on how fintech-driven ESG strategies can propel SMEs' growth in the post-pandemic era.

Shaping a Sustainable Future

Looking ahead, On-us will continue to leverage our Carbon Offsetting Voucher Solution to provide carbon reduction certifications for partner companies, encouraging energy savings, emissions reductions, and green business practices. Our commitment to generating social value led us to introduce a novel category of digital vouchers in collaboration with social enterprises and non-profit organizations such as Green Common, Redress, PLAN, and the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. By utilizing these vouchers, stakeholders, including partner companies and consumers, can financially support these organizations, expanding their social impact and collectively shaping a better future.

Join us in embracing sustainability and driving positive change with On-us' Carbon Offsetting Voucher Solution. Together, let's build a greener, more conscientious future.

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