Still purchasing paper vouchers? Digital vouchers are more convenient and cost-effective for gifting

August 25, 2023
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Still purchasing paper vouchers? Digital vouchers are more convenient and cost-effective for gifting

As the holiday approaches, many companies purchase vouchers for gifting purposes, such as mooncake vouchers for the Mid-Autumn Festival. If you’re still purchasing paper vouchers, it not only costs you the time and manpower to ensure the vouchers are delivered to customers before the holiday, sometimes you even have to deliver them in person. On the other hand, digital vouchers are much more user-friendly and convenient with numerous advantages, making them the preferred choice for gifting in recent years.

Cost-effective and waste reduction.

Throughout the year, there’re many festive occasions for gifting, including Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas, New Year, and more. The expenses can add up quickly. In the past, if the recipients missed the redemption period or failed to redeem the paper vouchers for various reasons, the expenses would go to waste. Using digital vouchers can save you expenses and reduce wastage. For example, On-us is currently offering a discount on Mid-Autumn digital vouchers. Buying over $5,000 worth of vouchers entitles you to a 6% discount, directly reducing the cost of gifting. If you purchase over $50,000 worth of vouchers, you can even choose to convert 50% of the unclaimed balance of the expired Mid-Autumn digital vouchers into PARKnSHOP supermarket vouchers*. This allows you to allocate your expenses effectively and avoid wastage.

*Choose between the 6% discount offer or PARKnSHOP vouchers offer.

Saving time and manpower.

Speaking of cost savings, using digital vouchers can also save companies on manpower costs. In the past, sending paper vouchers to customers through postal mail required a significant amount of manpower to verify mailing addresses, prepare envelopes, and deliver them. On the other hand, offering digital vouchers only requires you to send an email or message to instantly deliver the vouchers to the recipients, which’s much more convenient. It saves time and human resources while eliminating the risk of loss in the mail.

Multiple voucher value and flexibility.

Another advantage of digital vouchers is the availability of multiple face values, allowing companies to choose flexibly within their budget. For example, On-us offers three voucher values ($100, $300, $500) for Mid-Autumn digital vouchers, which can be paired with different mooncake brands. This flexibility provides companies with more options and greater versatility compared to traditional mooncake vouchers.

Redeemable for different brands and products.

When gifting during festivals, recipients’ satisfaction with the gifts is our priority. On-us Mid-Autumn digital vouchers offer the advantage of multiple choices, allowing the vouchers to be used at different brands, including Maxim's Cakes, Hong Kong Wing Wah, Tong Hing, Royal Cakes, and more. It's not limited to mooncake redemption but also allows recipients to choose other preferred products, ensuring the gifts align with their preferences. Additionally, with an extended redemption period, recipients can redeem the vouchers after the Mid-Autumn Festival, eliminating the need to rush and redeem them before the festival, adding extra convenience.

Building a positive corporate image.

In recent years, many companies have embraced environmental consciousness and prioritized sustainable development. Using digital vouchers can save paper and reduce carbon footprint while avoiding wastage resulting from inappropriate gifts. Replacing paper vouchers with digital ones demonstrates corporate social responsibility, contributing to a positive corporate image and a good impression on customers. In the long term, this is beneficial for business cooperation and development.

Entering the era of digital consumption, the use of digital vouchers has become a major trend. It not only aligns with the changing consumer preferences but also brings tangible benefits to companies and businesses. Click here to learn more about the On-us Mid-Autumn digital voucher promotion.

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