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How to create a gift that represents your company and pleases your customers?

March 23, 2024
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How to create a gift that represents your company and pleases your customers?

Sending gifts to customers on important holidays such as Christmas and New Year can not only express your feelings, but also deepen the impression of the brand in the minds of customers. Gifts represent the company, so you must think carefully when choosing. Sending electronic gift certificates is not only practical, but it can also enhance the positive image of the brand. You can also add a customized design to make it an exclusive gift that represents the company.

A new way to give gifts that highlights your sincerity

In the past, many companies would specially customize souvenirs printed with the company's trademark. In addition to the high cost, the products sent out may not be suitable for customers and are left idle, failing to achieve the expected benefits. Gifts need to be given from the perspective of the recipient, making them feel useful and naturally adding points to your and your brand’s impression. Therefore, giving electronic gift certificates is an ideal choice. The electronic gift certificates launched by On-us can be used in multiple brands, giving you more choices. Customers can use the gift certificates to redeem their favorite products, which can be used by everyone, allowing customers to feel that you are Thoughts and sincerity.

Comply with ESG principles and enhance brand image

In recent years, all walks of life have paid attention to ESG, so gift giving is in line with ESG principles and can help enhance brand image. Giving electronic gift certificates can not only reduce the waste caused by packaging and unsuitable gifts, but also compared to paper gift certificates, electronic gift certificates do not require paper and printing, and are more environmentally friendly from production to delivery. With the global focus on ESG, using electronic gift certificates as gifts can highlight a brand's good image of being socially responsible, and most companies are also happy to receive electronic gift certificates, achieving a win-win situation.

Customized designs and blessings

Another feature of electronic gift certificates is that they can easily add customized designs, which is difficult to achieve when buying traditional paper gift certificates. If you order an exclusive souvenir, you need to meet the specified order quantity requirements, which will cause problems such as cost and storage. Using electronic gift certificates is much more flexible. For example, On-us provides customized electronic gift certificate services. You can add your company logo and use different colors and designs on the electronic gift certificates. Customers will be reminded of your company and brand from receipt to use. ; At the same time, you can also customize blessings according to different festivals, making customers feel even more heart-warming!

Learn about On-us e-voucher offers

During festivals such as Christmas, Lunar New Year, and Mid-Autumn Festival, On-us provides a variety of electronic gift certificates of different denominations and different brand combinations. Merchants that can be redeemed include PARKnSHOP, Maxim's Cake, Tung Hoi Tang, Starbucks, and Hong Fook Let us help you easily create holiday gifts that best represent your company.🔗Click here to create your own vouchers now!  

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