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Maximize Your Mid-Autumn Festival Gifting with On-us eVouchers: Save More and Gift Flexibly

August 7, 2023
3 mins

Maximize Your Mid-Autumn Festival Gifting with On-us eVouchers: Save More and Gift Flexibly

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, it's a common practice for companies to gift mooncakes to their valued customers as a token of gratitude. Employees also receive these treats or mooncake vouchers as morale-boosting incentives. However, the financial implications of procuring these mooncakes or vouchers can prove substantial. To manage your budget effectively while showing your appreciation, choosing On-us eVouchers could be your best option. With thoughtful selection and strategic purchasing, you can achieve significant savings.

Enjoy Seamless Delivery with Zero Shipping Costs Through eVouchers

Traditional mooncake gifting, whether in the form of physical mooncakes or paper vouchers, incurs not just the cost of the gifts themselves but also additional postage fees. With eVouchers from On-us, you eliminate these extra costs while also avoiding potential delivery delays and missing redemption dates. Deliver your eVouchers directly to recipients via email or instant messaging – it’s efficient, cost-effective, and timely.

Flexible Voucher Values to Suit Your Budget and Gifting Needs

Many businesses aim to offer gifts of varying monetary value to different customers. Traditional mooncake vouchers, typically bundled in boxes with minimum spending requirements over $200, lack this flexibility. On-us eVouchers are available in various denominations ($100, $300, and $500), allowing you to match different mooncake brands and effectively manage your budget.

Leverage eVoucher Platform Discounts for Added Savings

On-us eVouchers offer more than just flexibility and convenience. Keep an eye out for early-bird discounts and other surprise deals to further stretch your budget. For instance, On-us provides a 6% early-bird discount for purchases above $5,000, as well as an offer to convert 50% of the balance from unspent Mid-Autumn vouchers into ParknShop vouchers*. This means you can reallocate the unused portion of your budget, ensuring that your gifting expenses are well-utilized.

*Choose either the 6% discount offer or ParknShop voucher offer.

Choose Multi-branded Vouchers with Extended Redemption Periods for the Perfect Mid-Autumn Gift

Choosing the right Mid-Autumn gift involves more than just saving money. On-us eVouchers offer multi-brand options and a lengthy redemption period, simplifying your gifting process. Redeemable across a variety of brands like Maxim's Cakes, Wing Wah Cake Shop, Arome Bakery, Imperial Patisserie, and more, these eVouchers provide recipients with the freedom to select their preferred products. Plus, the extended redemption period means there’s no rush to use them before the Mid-Autumn Festival. With these benefits, On-us eVouchers are the ideal choice for your Mid-Autumn Festival gifting.

Click to explore On-us Mid-Autumn Festival eVoucher offers today.

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