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Choosing the Best Digital Gift for Christmas in 2023

November 30, 2023
1 min

With Christmas right around the corner, many companies are opting for e-coupons as presents for clients and employee rewards. Electronic e-coupons have gained popularity in recent years,but with so many options available, how do you choose the most economical and practical one?

1.   Grab Early Bird Deals:

Keep an eye out for platforms offering early bird discounts when purchasing e-coupons.Take advantage of these promotions, especially during the early stages of the holiday season. For example, On-us Christmas e-vouchers offer a HK$200 coffee voucher when you spend just HK$5,000. Save on e-coupons costs by buying more.

2.   Reduce Unused Expenses:

If recipients don't redeem their e-vouchers, your purchase goes to waste.Although e-vouchers are user-friendly and easily stored, many remain unredeemed each year. To maximize your resources, On-us Christmas e-vouchers can be used even after Christmas, reducing the risk of wastage. Additionally, On-us offers an exclusive deal: when you spend over HK$50,000, you can convert 50% of their remaining unredeemed balance into PARKnSHOP cash vouchers. This allows you to utilize unused funds and get more value for your purchase.

3.   More Options, More Savings:

When buying e-coupons, opt for ones that offer multiple redemption choices. Purchasing a large quantity of e-coupons from a single brand without knowing if everyone will use them can lead to waste. With On-us Christmas e-vouchers,you can redeem them at various brands for different products. From Maxim's Cakes to Fortress, Lady M, and even electrical appliances and household goods,there's something for everyone. Buying in bulk not only ensures discounts but also saves time and effort compared to purchasing from different brands or merchants.

4.   Flexible Denominations:

To match your gifting budget accurately, choose e-coupons with different denominations. On-us Christmas e-vouchers are available in three denominations:HK$100, HK$300, and HK$500. Tailor your purchase based on your budget or the specific needs of individual clients. Enjoy the versatility!

To learn more about On-us Christmas electronic e-coupons promotions, click here: On-us Christmas E-Vouchers Promotions. Make this Christmas season extra special with an affordable and exciting electronic coupons!



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