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Best Gift for Festive & Spring Dinner Lucky Draw

January 4, 2024
2 mins

🧧On-us E-Vouchers: Gift Smarter, Gift On-us! 🎁

Guess what? Christmas has just wrapped up, and now it's time to gear up for New Year's festivities, family reunions, and, of course, the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations! Companies everywhere are planning events to bring their teams closer together. And what's the secret sauce for creating that perfect vibe, boosting morale, and showing appreciation to your fantastic team? Drumroll, please... it's a fabulous lucky draw or treating your employees to some fantastic gifts!

Feeling a bit stuck on the gift front? No worries! We've got a pro tip that'll have you choosing flexible presents that perfectly match your budget and bring joy and utility to your awesome employees.

🎁 Employee Delight with E-Vouchers:

Let's face it—traditional gifts often miss the mark, sparking debates on what's considered the "best" or "worst" present. Enter electronic vouchers, the superheroes of employee benefits! They save you precious time and energy otherwise spent scouring for gifts. Plus, they let recipients redeem their vouchers for exactly what they want. No more worrying about whether the gift will hit the mark; e-vouchers are practical, appreciated, and cater to the diverse needs of your rockstar employees.

💰 Flexible Denominations for Effortless Giving:

E-vouchers are not just easy to buy and distribute; they also come in a variety of denominations to suit different budgets. Take On-us, for instance, offering denominations from a cool $10 to a generous $500. You've got the flexibility to set prize values in your lucky draw. And here's the cherry on top—no need for fancy packaging, which means less waste and no risk of physical voucher loss.

🌈 One Voucher, Endless Choices for Employees:

E-vouchers are not just a breeze for the gifter; they're super convenient for the lucky recipients too. Whether it's via email or text, employees can receive their vouchers and redeem them on-the-go with just their smartphones. And the magic doesn't stop there! E-vouchers also offer the fantastic "one voucher, multiple choices" advantage. Picture this: One voucher alone can unlock a treasure trove of goodies from popular merchants like HKTVMall, Foodpanda, PARKnSHOP, Maxim's Cakes, Arome Bakery, Fortress, Pacific Coffee, and more. It's a win-win that guarantees smiles all around.

💌 Heartfelt Gifts with Customized Information:

But wait, there's more! Beyond the realms of lucky draws, e-vouchers are versatile enough for various employee welfare occasions—birthdays, weddings, festive celebrations, recognition, year-end bonuses, you name it! Customize the gift information based on different occasions, making your employees feel extra special and boosting their sense of belonging to the company.

🛍️ Secure On-us E-Vouchers at Special Rates:

As we gear up for the festive season, consider acquiring e-vouchers to show appreciation to your outstanding team. On-us is introducing exclusive discounts on e-vouchers, offering you a cost-effective solution to effortlessly fulfill your gifting requirements. Check out our various customizable vouchers here.

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