On-us Selected as Winner in 'Loyalty of the Future' Category for 2024 Visa Accelerator Program in Asia Pacific

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We are thrilled to share that On-us has been selected as the winner in the 'Loyalty of the Future' category of the 2024 Visa Accelerator Program in Asia Pacific. We are the FIRST Hong Kong tech venture admitted into the globally prestigious Visa Accelerator Program! This achievement highlights On-us' commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the fintech landscape.

The Visa Accelerator Program is a highly competitive global initiative that identifies and supports promising startups tackling the latest industry challenges. After a rigorous assessment process, On-us was selected as the winner, recognized for its pioneering work in revolutionizing digital incentives and customer engagement.

Our collaboration with Visa has enabled us to launch a seamless incentive redemption journey by leveraging our unique fintech capabilities and AI. The partnership enables real-time, robust B2B voucher payments to merchants, ensuring secure transactions and providing valuable insights for marketers, consumers, and merchants.

"What makes On-us unique is that we go the last mile. We remove all the friction around that crucial moment of redemption, making it easy for the marketers, merchants and consumers to have a seamless and personalized digital experience. Being able to continue providing this level of service at scale is a challenging task, and this is why the Visa Accelerator Program is so exciting for us. It perfectly aligns with our strategic goals and allows us the opportunity to work alongside Visa, leveraging their insights and technology that are crucial to advancing our solutions globally."

Our founder & CEO, Dennis Shi, shared.

In the next six months, On-us will leverage ’s global network to enhance  cutting-edge data analytics and AI solutions for MarTech in different countries.

Stay tuned as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, expand our reach, and deliver unparalleled value to our partners and customers. To read the full press release, click here

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