On-us's Event Engagement Solution Gains Momentum in Signature Events held at HKSTP and Grand Hyatt

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On-us's Event Engagement Solution Gains Momentum in Signature Events held at HKSTP and Grand Hyatt

We are proud to announce the successful adoption of our innovative platform at several prestigious events attended by over 1000 guests across the Asia Pacific region. With a focus on seamless on-site interactions and convenient incentives distribution, On-us has elevated the event experience for attendees and organizers alike.

The recent Apidays event held at Hong Kong Science Park on 30th Aug 2023 showcased the effectiveness of On-us's event engagement solution. With over 300 participants in attendance, On-us's platform provided a seamless treat experience through on-site interaction via on-site interaction enabled by On-us’s FinTech. This interaction provided event-goers with redeemable treats at Starbucks and HFT Life, located within the event venue. The impressive 90% open rate and 70% redemption rate demonstrated the ability to enjoy a free treat during lunch breaks or after the event added a delightful touch to the overall experience for the participants. Dr. Crystal Fok, Head of STP Platform, HKSTP, highlighted the pivotal role of data in enhancing visitor experiences. She stated, “Understanding our visitors on a profound level is vital to enhance their overall experiences. Data holds the key to unlock this potential. By valuing our park companies and embracing data-driven innovations such as On-us, we are committed to continuously elevating visitor engagement and fostering a vibrant atmosphere at Hong Kong Science Park.”  

Another significant milestone for On-us was the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM) Annual Conference held at Hyatt Hotel on 8th Sept 2023, which attracted more than 600 Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) and HR professionals. As the Technology and Digital Voucher Partner, On-us enabled HKIHRM to deliver multiple treats at once in a seamless and convenient manner. Attendees were delighted to receive Uber and foodpanda vouchers, providing them with flexibility and choice. By simplifying the distribution of sponsorships and event goods, On-us's solution not only reduced administrative work and logistics but also contributed to a more eco-friendly event.

Ms. Kandy Lui, Executive Director of HKIHRM highlighted On-us's unique value proposition in enabling event organizers, "On-us has successfully combined scattered sponsorships into an all-in-one e-souvenir, providing a cost-effective solution that significantly eases the burden for our staff during large-scale events. It simplifies the process and enhances the overall event experience for both organizers and attendees."

On-us's success in Hong Kong extends beyond its borders, as demonstrated by its involvement in the Singapore Women In Treasury APAC Forum. Held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore, the event attracted over 100 finance and banking leaders from Southeast Asia. On-us's event engagement solution was readily adopted, showcasing its readiness for expansion in the Southeast Asian market.

"We are thrilled to see the positive reception and tangible results of our event engagement solution," said Mr. Dennis Shi, Founder & CEO of On-us, "As we continue to develop and expand our product offerings, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. Our latest voucher packs solution allows event organizers to deliver multiple digital vouchers at once, streamlining operations and maximizing attendee satisfaction in a cost-effective way, which can be used in promotion, customer and event engagement, staff incentives, lucky draw events and etc."

On-us continues to elevate the event experience through its cutting-edge event engagement solution, offering seamless interactions and treats for participants while reducing the administrative burden on event organizers. As the company looks forward to expanding its presence across Southeast Asia, its dedication to enhancing event engagement remains unwavering.

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